Artist Song Title Album Label Played
Show Start Talk 01:00 PM
Dj Sun Macau Qingxi Soular Productions 01:10 PM
Kush Arora and Sub Swara Constructing The Absence Boiling Over Record Label Records 01:12 PM
Mungo’s Hi Fi Boom Shiva feat. Soom T (Original Mix) Scotch Bonnet Records 01:16 PM
Malik Abdul-Rahman Boats Off Pulau Pinang Field Research Malaysia Paxico Records] 01:20 PM
Talk 01:20 PM
Hey Douglas Ankara Rüzgarı Semece 01:35 PM
Kalya Scintilla The Calling (Desert Dwellers Remix) Night Visions 2 – Desert Dwellers Alchemical Remixes by Various Artists 01:39 PM
Hey Douglas Saka Muka Semece 01:39 PM
DJ Nasha Mighty Horns 01:44 PM
Soom T & Budz Easy Weed Ode to a Karrot Khanti records 01:47 PM
Talk 01:48 PM
Crookram The Good, The Bad & The Gypsy 01:54 PM
Shreya Ghoshal Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka (SOOHAN Remix) 02:03 PM
Celt Islam Space Monster Urban Sutra 02:05 PM
Kalya Scintilla Rises In The East Dance the Spiral Never Ending 02:10 PM
Sarantis Desertbound Karami Volume 2 02:14 PM
WALA & Devin Kroes Fade to Grey 02:15 PM
Talk 02:15 PM
Armand Van Helden Egyptian Magician (Whirling Dervishes Mix) 02:37 PM
Boys In The Oud Cosmique Arabe (Original Version) Acid Arab Collections 02:38 PM
Nickodemus Mi Swing Es Tropical (Spark Arrester Edit) 02:43 PM
Tim Deluxe Mundya 02:52 PM
Treasure Fingers Cross The Dancefloor 02:52 PM