Located in the heart of Space City, 90.1 KPFT a small independent fm radio station gave 3 young South Asians a chance to share their music and culture on the airwaves with a broadcast unlike any of those before them. In the summer of 2002 Deepi Sidhu, Dj Alx and Yogi-G formulated one of the longest running fusion/world music broadcasts that explored traditional folk music such as Bhangra to genre-bending styles such as Glitch-hop and Dubstep.

Hosted by Dj Alx (MahaBeatz, Original Masala Crew, Karma DJs) and Yogi-G (Maha Beatz, Masala Crew, Gruv tunes), the duo has more than 20 years of individual experience behind the turntables. They have opened for such acts as Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay, Brooklyn Shanti, Apache Indian, Bass nectar, Karsh Kale ,Nickodemus, MidiVal Punditz, and UK’s own DJ Kayper.

In 2005, the collective hosted their own Generasian Parties, christened Turntablas on the Bayou. Inspired by Nicodemus’s Turntables on the Hudson,these unique parties included a live table player while the djs spun everything from Biggie to Bombay Dub Orchestra. Featured guests djs included a roster of Pioneer World Musicians including: Janaka Selecta, Nickodemus, Zeb, The 1Shanti, Karsh Kale, Dj Rekha and Navdeep.

Now more than a decade in, Generasian Radio has expanded its reach to podcasting. The show has interviewed a host of celebrities and musicians including Cheb-I-Sabbah, Zakir Hussain, Kal Penn, Russell Peters, Dat Phan, Karmacy, Bohemia, and RDB. Giving seasoned musicians and bedroom producers the opportunity to share their tunes, Generasian Radio is a show like no other.

Join us as we take you from the Bayou…to Bombay…to Beyond

This is Generasian Radio

Yogi G

Yogi-G started out playing house parties and small clubs back in the 90s. He has played for just about every crowd in town since! His style is versatile, ranging from the latest club dance hits and old school favorites all the way to all-out bhangra/Bollywood and international music. The one thing you can expect when Yogi-G hits the decks is a guaranteed unforgettable time!

Alx Patel

For the past 15+ years, DJ ALX has performed at some of the world’s hottest clubs and wedding venues! When it comes to pleasing the crowd, this California-born, now Texas-based DJ, seamlessly blends together today’s hits with all-time classics including: dance, rock, reggae, pop, classic, funk, hip-hop and Bollywood/Bhangra.

The Kitchen Sink

Deepi Sidhu
Nibu Abraham
Pranav (PK) Kothari
Dave Sharma